The Smile Feature Film & Book

The Smile That Warms My Ever Changing Mind

Feature & Book

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It starts with a hold, a hug, and then we all let go. The girl who hugged me goodbye. The Smile that warms my ever changing mind.


Running Time - 87 minutes

Live action and animation

Coming June 2019

It's about getting back to the original ethos, and edge that I had when I was twenty. I am far more interested in words, rough edges and dirt (grain) in the image. Frankly nothing much has changed in twelve years. I have however developed quite a bit in the style since then. With a better understanding of the world, and experience that comes with age. There is a definite use of colour since 2006. Although the film will be largely black and white, there will be burst of colour. Some of the ideas actually came from 2003. So they have been buzzing around in my head for a long time, and I'm not quite sure why I could not make them then. 

The film is based on a book with the same name. Each chapter describes a change in my mind and the various experiences at that time. Exploring the changes we all go through. The film is very much based on this. The animation will change from chapter to chapter. Eventually evolving into an emotional and dare I say it poetical ending. Although I'm not that good of a poet, but I hope to create shapes that change and say something about this emotional change.