Luke JM Rayner

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Luke JM Rayner

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Animator and artist

Milton Keynes. UK


Hi my name is Luke. I am an animator and artist living in the UK. After studying Art and Media at school i went on to do a foundation course at Bedford. This was when i started to animate. I then went on to the Surrey Institute of Art and Design to do an Animation degree. A special thanks to Sam Morrison and Lesley Adams, and everyone else i have met along the way.


When i was at Surrey i was first influenced and inspired by Sarah Cox's 'Three Ways To Go'. George Dunning's 'The Flying Man', had strongly influenced one of my films and ideas at Surrey also.

My main aim is to make simple images using basic but memorable, and dynamic shapes that create some kind of movement. The figurative forms were inspired from the sculptures I had seen at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park when I was younger. Most of the way I draw was formed at my time at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design. Currently I both paint, draw and animate, with some cross over between these forms. In animation I use the frame to tell a story. In animation you can change reality and create a sense of otherworldliness. The possibility to alter the form of anything in any way really interested me. In my paintings I often abstract and change the human form to create a feeling or a look. 

I always was interested in just the basic movement of things, and how I have been hypnotised by this. An image that does not necessarily tell a story but more of a feeling and emotion. I have been looking for a way to emote and find a direct passage to translating my pictures into this. At this current time I am working on turning some of my painting ideas into animation. I was once asked in an interview if people see things the way I do. I said I did not know, but I hoped that they did as it would mean I was not alone in my thoughts. I am no different from anyone else and I'm sure I dream of the same things.

Creating the line that is telling the whole story in a direct and emotional way. To see the world in a way that is clear. Freedom against conformity. Being unflinching in conviction. Telling a story from the heart and showing all the frailty and flawedness that is present in all of us. I am not defined by my work. The line changes to show that everything is in constant flux. Thoughts driven to their conclusion. Embracing difference. Forward thinking. Open mind and soul. I am a man but only a man, and not defined by this. To show every possibility.